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2018 - 2019 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl bracket pool

NFL Playoff Bracket

Run your playoff bracket pool online this year.

  • 12 team bracket
  • Pick all 11 games, including the super bowl, before the kickoff of the first wildcard playoff game
  • Teams available for picking, shortly after last regular season game
  • Prompt score updates available
  • much more

Create a Playoff Bracket Pool

 Pro Football Playoffs and Big Game Bracket 2018-2019

Tons of bracket pool features:

  • Easy for people to join
  • Top notch Customer Support
  • Several scoring options
  • See everyone's picks after deadline
  • Prompt score updates available
  • much more

Playoff Bracket Pools are Free

Optional Upgrades Available

Upgrade Options

What is an NFL Playoff Bracket?

We blended our traditional March Madness bracket with our popular NFL pickem pool to create an NFL Playoff bracket.

Players make their picks for the entire Playoffs *before* the playoffs begin. Here's a glimpse of the screen where players make their picks:

NFL Playoffs picks screen
Click for larger image


Benefits of using our bracket pools:

  • Final scores for upgraded pools are updated every few minutes *.
  • Final scores for free pools are updated every night.
  • Easy sign up and pool creation.
  • There's no software to download.
  • Easily invite your friends. We have instructions ready for you.
  • Easy join process for your friends.
  • Great support with our experienced customer care team.

* = Scores for upgraded pools may take from 0 to 30 minutes before being updated.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to get the most points.

In a playoff bracket, each game can count a different amount depending on which pool format you choose. A win could count as 1 point (if you choose "Straight Pick'em") or as many as 16 points (if you choose a "Ranking/Confidence" or "Weighted" pool format). Each incorrect pick will earn you 0 (zero) points.
Once all the games are completed, a winner is determined, by counting how many points they earned from the number of winners they picked.
The catch is that all picks, including the superbowl, must be made before the kickoff of the first wildcard game. That is the essence of a bracket style pool.

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